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Title: The end of an era....
Post by: Renegade on September 16, 2019, 02:40:23 PM
This is the last Monday after NeXus LAN I will ever have.   Sitting here it is bitter sweet.   I am fully ready and wanting to retire, but I will miss seeing everyone twice a year, all the great times, laughter, wow moments from tournaments, hearing everyone having a great time etc.

I started out doing mini lans at my house and at Actions house, those lead to a love of LAN gaming and I joined Dayton LAN Fest for their last 2 events.  When DLF ended I didn't want a Dayton LAN to end so I gathered what would be the NeXus LAN core staff and created NeXus LAN.   We started out small at mound street academy with only around 40 people and it was a 1 day event.  That lead to wanting to be larger and more people and we found the FOP in Huber.  We again out grew that location.   Then I was introduced to Marty (Zebbe) at the moose and he and I became good friends.  At first we didn't think the moose would work as they didn't have enough power, but Marty said ok so if you can afford it he will install power runs in the ceiling and he and Boon did that work free of charge and we started our run at the moose.

I have been doing NeXus LAN for 15 years now with a GREAT group of people along the way.

Thank you Sideout, Cyphis, Venus_Wong, Sgt_Roc, LMNOPG007, Natsu, Action, debo, boon, Vahalle, Otheofoolo, Zebbe, Tiny Elvis, Evildoer, Pez, Ronster, Uroboch, Ogre, W3rdsmyth for all your time and effort helping to keep this event going.

Thank you to all the sponsors along the way for some great prizes to give away in raffles and tournaments.

Thank you to all the attendee's over the years for making this event always a blast!

Renegade signing out.   
Hope to see some of you at other LAN's in the future.

Retired NeXus LAN Director.