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NeXus LAN 24 was fantastic!!!  We will miss seeing everyone, but hope to see some of you at other LAN's down the line.   Thank you everyone for years of support and fun!!!!
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Author Topic: Arcade LANgacy 6 - May 5th 2012  (Read 2448 times)
« on: March 02, 2012, 08:17:38 AM »

Just when you thought it was safe to plan out your summer vacation to the Hamptons Cincifrag presents Arcade LANgacy 6. It has been a while since the last Cincifrag LAN party due to Arcade Legacy moving to its new location but just like with everything good in life the wait is worth it.
The event starts at noon on with setup and runs all the way until the arcade closes at 1 AM.
Bring out your gaming PC and/or console for open play as well as our feature tournaments. This time around we will be running a TF 2 3v3 as well as a 1v1 1990 Nintendo World Championshp high score battle tournament.
Tournament rules
Team Fortress 2
 All teams will have a minimum of 3 players. One of those players must be designated team captain and will act as the team’s representative for reporting matches.
 The game type rules are as follows:
Gametype – King of the Hill. Standard one control point rules. The first team to control the control point for a total of three minuets will win the round. Each match will be a best two out of three rounds.
 Map – All matches will be played on KOTH_Harvest
 Class – All players will play the Solider class using the standard weapon layout (Rocket Launcher, Shotgun and Shovel).
Bracket – All teams will be placed into standard double elimination bracket.
1990 Nintendo World Championships
All players will be put into a standard double elimination bracket. When a match is ready both players will be called to the competition stations to face one another head to head. Players will have 8:00 minuets to complete the three games and their objectives:

Super Mario Bros. – collect 50 coins
 Rad Racer – complete the entire first race
 Tetris – play the first level until you run out of time
After 8 minuets the player with the higher total score will advance with the loser advancing to the next round. The loser will be place into the losers bracket or if already in the losers bracket will be eliminated.
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