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NeXus LAN 24 was fantastic!!!  We will miss seeing everyone, but hope to see some of you at other LAN's down the line.   Thank you everyone for years of support and fun!!!!
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Author Topic: NeXus LAN 22 Player Unknown Battlegrounds tournament rules  (Read 698 times)
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« on: September 28, 2018, 05:11:52 AM »

Sponsored by EVGA

Game Type Tournament 1 = Free for all

Game Type Tournament 2 = 3 Man Team Combat, Flare Gun.

Map - Erangel (Russia) for both tournaments

Tournament signups -

Sign-ups will be done starting at 11am Saturday the event opens on the nexuslan.org website.   Sign-up deadline will be 1 hour before the event is to start.   Once the deadline is reached signups will be locked so that the admins can get teams and brackets created.   As soon as teams an brackets are created tournament admins will call all players up to announce the teams and who is playing on what server etc.

General Tournament rules for NeXus LAN Events -

Most of these go with out saying but wanted to make sure they were in writing.

1 - No cheating of any kind period.   If someone is caught cheating they will be DQed from the tournament, removed from the event, and asked not to come back again.    

2 - Treat everyone with respect as you would want to be treated.

3 - All players must use their own account when competing in a tournament.   You are not allowed to use another players account that is lvled up higher then yours etc.  (exceptions made by tournament admins only!)

4 - Matches will not be restarted due to a PC crash, etc.  The person that crashed just needs to reboot asap an get back into the game asap.

5 - If a player drops out of a team event mid tournament that team will have to go on minus a player.   Teams can not sub in a different player, nor can someone sit down at the players PC that dropped out and continue playing for that player.  Your team is set from the moment the tournament starts.

6 - Keep your language during the event and in tournaments as clean as possible.  The venue is a family facility and F-bombs etc are frowned upon.

7 - You are expected to have the game installed, patched, and ready to play at the start of the tournament.  If you are not prepared, you may be removed or replaced.  

8 - Above all HAVE FUN!

NOTE - Any an all rules are subject to change if needed before the tournament starts.

No teaming.  No assisting. No ringers.  No talking to a player in game outside of in-game communications during the solo event. In game comms is fine as that's part of the solo experience. Discord may be used for the team event.  We will review the replays if we have to.

Most likely the squad game will be random teams.  We will determine the best method shortly.  Because we have someone "hosting" the game for us, we need to be cognizant of their time.  The decision on the squad game will be determined by prize support and other variables.  If we do random teams, random teams will be announced EARLY.  So sign up EARLY.  This is so we can get the prep work finished prior to the start of the squad game.  

Please have the game ready.  Everyone knows PUBG is buggy and that Saturday night in a prime time slot, there will be connection issues. Once the game starts, we will not restart it or cancel it.  Try to get back in to the game ASAP if you crash.  

The entire tournament depends on real life availability of www.twitch.tv/cnfreak

As of right now it's a go, but life happens.  Please keep this in mind.

This was something we are very excited to be able to do, and our new sponsor guy (long time staff member) Ronster, really pushed for this for us.  We also need to thank FortLAN for working with Ronster to hook us up with cnfreak.

NeXus LAN Director
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