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“NeXus LAN was formed to provide a gaming website & LAN for the purpose of meeting other gamers, having fun and for the betterment of the gaming community.”

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Latest News & Announcements

xx Order your custom NeXus LAN T-shirt here!!!
September 16, 2015, 11:02:13 AM by Renegade
Wanting a NeXus LAN T-Shirt?  

Your in luck!!!  NeXus LAN shirts are now available through Nerdvana Clothing​!!!

Nerdvana Clothing is also a sponsor of NeXus LAN 16!

Visit the link below to order your shirt.   You can get them with or without your Gamertag on the back, you can also have then mailed to you are delivered to the LAN on Oct 3rd.  Make sure to order By Oct 1st 2015 if having delivered to NL 16.

NOTE - when ordering make sure you put your Gamertag in the note section of Paypal when checking out.

xx Let's have some fun.
September 03, 2015, 11:10:08 AM by Renegade
Let's have some fun.

Steam gave Evildoer a free copy of Rocket League for pre-ordering the Steam Controller.

Who wants it?

Just post on our facebook page (and make sure you like our page) and Evildoer will make sure someone gets a copy before the long weekend hits

Make sure you posting to the FB post above and liking the NeXus LAN FB Page.

xx NeXus LAN 16 info....
May 11, 2015, 01:54:32 PM by Renegade

Way back in the NeXus LAN 1-5 ish days when an event landed in October we would do a costume contest from time to time.

Since we now know that the all of our upcoming fall events will be in the October time frame we are bringing this back for each event in October.

So with that in mind we are going to make this our 1st annual NeXus LAN costume contest with NeXus LAN 16!

We wanted to announce this as soon as possible to give those wanting to make a costume etc plenty of time to work on it over the summer!

NeXus LAN Staff
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xx NeXus LAN 16 update, changes, info.....
May 06, 2015, 09:53:03 AM by Renegade
We wanted to get this posted asap so everyone will have as much advance notice as possible about NeXus LAN 16 dates, registrations, changes etc.

NeXus LAN 16 is October 3/4th 2015 11 am Saturday to 6 pm Sunday.

By popular demand we will be again expanding seating.   We will have a base seating of 163, with 6 additional overflow seats if needed.

With this expansion there is some changes to registration -

Registration will open August 1st at 6pm EST

$15.00 early bird registration will last 48 hours.   Aug 1st 6pm to Aug 3rd at 6pm.

$20.00 August 3rd 6pm to October 2nd

$25.00 at door if any seats available

The reason for the change is that there are a lot of added cost to expanding the event.   Added rent, wiring, switches, cables, etc.   So instead of just going to $20.00 for all we decided to do a very short early bird registration.

Tournament voting will begin Aug 1st at 6pm as well.

Day of event arrival / setup change -   As always doors/registration/setup open at 11am, this means that anyone arriving before 11am to the event can not register, setup, etc unless the event staff are completely ready at the time you arrived early.    If staff, registration, etc are not ready you will be asked to wait outside or if your seat is ready you may go there and sit, but not setup.

We hate to have to spell this out but we have had people showing up as early at 9:30 am on us an get upset that they can not get badges, setup, and start playing right then an there.    

NeXus LAN Staff

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xx NeXus LAN 15 update....
January 30, 2015, 07:44:36 AM by Renegade
NeXus LAN 15 will be April 25/26th at the Miamisburg Moose Lodge.

Registration/ticket sales will start on February 28th at 6pm est.
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