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Thank you to all our sponsors and attendees for a great NeXus LAN 19!!!!!  Check back for updates on NeXus LAN 20!!! Thanks again!!!

NeXt LAN Information

End of an Era last ever Mini LAN at P3 Computers...
Jul 22, 2017 12:00pm - Jul 23, 2017 2:00am
Cost: $5.00
Seats Remaining: 4 out of 20

P3 Computers Cards & Games
5987 Old Troy Pk
Huber Heights, OH

This will be the LAST mini LAN at P3 Computers as they are closing up the retail shop on July 29th.

There is a food carry in we will cook burgers and dogs. Please bring a dish / item / chips to share if you are going to partake in the food.

Raffle for prizes!!!

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Latest News & Announcements

xx Zebbe's decision
June 22, 2017, 05:18:08 AM by Zebbe
This comes with a heavy heart,  but with my personal situation,  I can no longer provide my volunteer services to NeXusLAN.
I have had a great time with the staff,  attendees, friends,  and family during my service to the organization.
I'm sure the events will continue,  and you will see me there,  just in a different capacity. I have taken a second employment opportunity,  which does not alleviate any extra time to perform my staff duties.
So,  as of 30-June-2017, I am tendering my resignation and position with NeXusLAN.
The fun we shared, will be missed!
Thank you,
Zebbe  a.k.a. Marty Downing
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xx NeXusLAN 19 - Coming soon!!!!!
January 14, 2017, 08:04:53 AM by Sideout
Here in the next few weeks we will post info for NeXusLAN 19 and open registration.  Our staff meeting is the 28th so look for registration to open after that.
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xx Happy Holidays from NeXusLAN!!!!!
December 07, 2016, 06:18:27 AM by Sideout
Happy Holidays to all NeXusLAN'ers out there!!!!  The staff at NeXusLAN wishes you and yours the best for the upcoming holiday season!!!

Look for our mini-LAN's starting in January again!!!!

Remember we are just a few months away from our event in April so keep a close watch on your email and our website as we roll closer to registration date.

Once again - happy holidays to all!!!!

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xx NeXusLAN Discord
November 15, 2016, 10:59:52 AM by Sideout
Attention NeXusLAN'ers!!!!

Join us on the NeXusLAN Discord Server!!!!

We will be transitioning to using Discord at our events as well.

Here is the link:
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xx Announcing NeXusLAN change of staff!!!
November 12, 2016, 08:57:17 PM by Sideout
Attention all NeXusLAN'ers!!!  As of today, Renegade is retiring from his position at NeXusLAN.  He will still be around and attending the LAN's and participating on a limited basis.

Please join me in expressing our heart felt thanks for all of his tireless work and dedication to NeXusLAN and growing the event into it's current state!!!!
You will be missed Renegade and enjoy your well earned retirement.

I will be taking over for Renegade as Director of NeXusLAN.  I look forward to keeping the same high standard(s) that has been set previously.

As we head into the 2017 LAN season , look for some exciting announcements for the next NeXusLAN!!!!

Please feel free to reach out to  me with any questions , suggestions , or concerns you have for the upcoming LAN year or anything in general.

I look forward to serving you and growing NeXusLAN together with our awesome staff and with you the attendees who make this event possible.
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