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NeXus LAN 21 April 14/15 2018! Registration opens February 10th 2018 at 6 pm EST
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 on: Today at 07:49:37 PM 
Started by Renegade - Last post by kmach1ne24
Counter strike 1.6

 on: Today at 05:50:10 PM 
Started by Renegade - Last post by Ikimono
League of Legends
Left 4 Dead 2


btw, the last time that Nexus lan was announced, seats had sold out in like...2 hours... Literally got home to an email saying "Nexus lan registration has begun" and an email saying "We've sold out" ...Didn't even get a chance to try and register Sad

 on: Today at 01:38:11 PM 
Started by Renegade - Last post by evildoer
Just FYI since I expect to see a ton of PUBG

If it's feasible, we're gonna do it.  Still vote for it, just sayin'.  Still bring it up too, if we can get an open dialogue with the devs, we'd point them to this thread.

PubG would be friggin awesome

 on: Today at 12:19:25 PM 
Started by Renegade - Last post by LmNoPg007
Rainbow six siege, PUBG if we get a server.  Golf with your friends.

 on: Today at 12:10:57 PM 
Started by Renegade - Last post by Renegade
Our Mini LAN's are back on schedule.

Next event is January 27th at our new mini LAN venue.

The Game Haven
5570 Airway Rd
Riverside, OH 45431

Register as always on the website. 
$5.00 registration.
Raffle at midnight for store credit amount determined by # of attendee's.

Register at - http://www.nexuslan.org/registration.php

 on: Today at 12:09:02 PM 
Started by Renegade - Last post by cheatch
player unknown battlegrounds

Might have to get creative with the format, maybe contact the developer and see what they think

 on: Today at 08:51:25 AM 
Started by Renegade - Last post by GraveTroll
Ultimate Chicken Horse!

 on: Today at 06:51:40 AM 
Started by Renegade - Last post by Creel
CoD (4/MW2/BlackOps/BlackOps 2)
GoldenEye Source
Rocket League
Unreal Tournament
Duck Game
PUBG (Possible chance they release dedicated servers by then if not maybe the Arma Playerunknowns mod)

 on: Today at 06:30:07 AM 
Started by Renegade - Last post by npzr
Rocket League

 on: Today at 06:26:02 AM 
Started by Renegade - Last post by Renegade
The Game Haven located in Riverside Ohio will be sponsoring NeXus LAN 21 as well as attending the event!!!

They will have a vendor booth at NeXus LAN!

The Game Haven specializes in CCG Games, Board Games, Role Playing, miniatures, and alot more.  Just about anything in card, board, CCG, TCG games etc.

If there is something your looking for, or would like to see them have for sale at the event please post so they know what to bring.

I know they will have Magic, Dice, game mats, card / board games etc for sale.

The Game Haven will also be the new home of our NeXus LAN Mini LAN's starting in January!

5570 Airway Rd, Riverside, OH 45431
(937) 252-5635

Thank you Game Haven!!!

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